Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Cake Pops!!

As roommates we had a Valentine's-day party! I was in charge of the cake pops and we watched a movie, had chocolate-covered strawberries, Martinellis, 4 different kinds of m&ms (which we all know peanut butter is the best), and had so much fun hanging out together. Here are the cake pops! I had so much fun making these!

These were an easy project and were a hit at the party!

To Make:

1. bake your favorite cake and make your favorite frosting
2. mix frosting and cake together (I really don't like soggy so I usually use less frosting than most people)
3. form cake into balls and put on a pan, then transfer to freezer for 15 mins.
4. take them out and form into hearts with your hands (make them fun and funky! no need to worry about perfection here!)
5. let them sit in the fridge for a few hours and melt the chocolate disks (in ANY color!)
6. only take one out at a time. dip the stick into the chocolate and then stick in the bottom of the heart.
7. dip the heart and tap off the excess chocolate
8. let dry!

A great hit with little work :)

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